Data Migration

Transform the extraction with Quality and load Data in your new system on time with Gleeteck.

Gleeteck suggest four stages of Extraction-Transformation- Loading before reaching at last stage of production system. These four stages will go through the chart

Extraction: We write extraction query with the help of business and technical consultant of old system. These query will take up all the rules from business and extract data in excel sheets. We make sure all the desired data got extracted completely from old system.

Transformation: Our transformation team will transform these data as per rule of transformation provided by Business and technical consultants of new system. Transformed data is populated in load template provided by new system analyst.

Business Validation: Once the data is loaded successfully business will validate these data and raise defects if any. These defects will be resolved before moving to next stage of load.

Validating Data: These data get validated by audit rules. These rules are provided by new system consultants. If the transformed data passed all these rules then it’s ready to load. Validation can be performed manually and in in case of any defect, it’s resent to transformation or extraction team with advice to perform necessary action. Validation will continue until all the data is accurate and ready for load.

Loading Data: Accurately transformed data is loaded in the new system through load programs prepared by technical consultants of new system. There can be some unexpected error in the post load report which will be considered as defect and the defect will be resolved before moving to new stage of load.

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