About Us

Who We Are

We are diverse workforce of strong technical consultants and developers. We have head office in Pune Maharashtra India. We work in web technologies and Data solutions for every business verticals.

We have been into web technologies technology, digital marketing and data migration from 12+ years and have understood the need of customers. We have kept our technology upgrading in these many years and also watch on the diversified demand of our customers. We have adapted to the demands and need of future and delivering best possible solution to our customers. Quality was our key parameter since beginning and we have always made it our first priority. We have made business easy though our Digital Marketing techniques. Website designing and developing is our passion and making it unique by our innovative ideas.

What We Do

We are specialized in Data Migration, web technologies, software development, digital marketing and 2D, 3D graphics designing. We deliver best solution to our client in the emerging market of technologies and consultancy.

We do website designing, developing and hosting on our server. Our designers and developers are having experience in all business verticals and can take up any challenge with confidence of quality. Our Digital marketing team is best performing and result oriented team. We have been consistently performing our job with quality speed and passion. Graphics designing is our special art. We make our design live by putting our sole into it. Our customers are very sophisticated and need always something new and unique and we have always given them and antique solution. We always keep in mind everyone is different and everyone has its uniqueness so our product should also be unique in the digital market.

Why Choose Us

We have put our entire focus on quality. Our quality is sustained and continuous with our every customers. We believe “Quality is everything and rest are just the byproduct”. We have brought quality in our daily work culture and this makes us unique.

Web designing and development is done by every business and making them unique is first challenge but making them in best quality is second most important challenge. We have nurtured our employees in these two parameters unique and quality. Sometime quality need time and we never hesitated in taking that. Digital marketing is to bring targeted audience on your website or business. We know who all are audience of your business is and we also know what they looking for. We facilitate both business and audience one platform and make them interact fulfill their needs.

Data Migrations is process of migrating data from old legacy to new system. We have developed our own best methodology which will leave no loop hole in delivering the quality migration.

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4 Dahisar Sanket, Shiv Vallabh Cross Road, Near Bank of Maharashtra, Dahisar East, Mumbai-400068, Maharashtra, India.


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